Bachelor Colton Underwood Calls Aly Raisman His First Love Admits 2017 Split Was Really Tough

Bachelor Colton Underwood Calls Aly Raisman His First Love Admits 2017 Split Was Really Tough

Before Colton Underwood was wooing ladies as the Bachelor, the athlete was one half of another high-profile romance.

In late 2016, Underwood dated gymnast and Olympic medalist Aly Raisman, before eventually splitting in June of the next year.

During Tuesday’s episode of the LadyGang podcast, the 26-year-old reality TV star opened up about his past relationship with Raisman, 24, to hosts Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin, referring to her as his “first love.”

“I wouldn’t say it was on the show,” Underwood said about his first heartbreak. “I would say it was my first love.”

“While it was confusing and hard in the beginning, it also taught me a lot about myself — what I need, what I want, what I can do better in a relationship,” Underwood reflected. “It was a big step for me. It was really tough.”

Underwood also opened up about the worst part about filming his season of The Bachelor.

“The hardest part is all the virginity talk when I know my grandma’s watching,” he told the podcast hosts.

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Raisman and Underwood’s relationship began when she agreed to go on a double date with the former Raiders tight end in August 2016 after his former teammate Andrew East, who is married to fellow Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, introduced them.

After five months, Underwood and the gold medal-winning athlete made their relationship public in December 2016 when they made their red carpet debut as a couple at the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Ceremony in New York.

“He’s just a very thoughtful person,” Raisman previously told PEOPLE of Underwood.

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In June 2017, Underwood told The Lincoln Journal Star that he and Raisman had split.

“We’re taking a break right now. We’re still good friends and talk, but all that travel had been a nightmare,” he said of their busy work schedules.

“It ended fine. We’re in a good place,” Underwood explained to the outlet, adding that the attention they garnered from the Internet “put a lot of pressure o

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Jimmy Fallon Takes the Hamilton Stage with Lin-Manuel Miranda in Puerto Rico

Jimmy Fallon Takes the Hamilton Stage with Lin-Manuel Miranda in Puerto Rico

Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda just united in song for a very special cause.

Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon opened up with a rare filmed performance from Hamilton — with Fallon joining Miranda onstage in Puerto Rico, where the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical is currently playing a limited three-week engagement.

Miranda, 39, is back in the show he also wrote and created, playing the title character again alongside a sea of talent including actors Brandon Armstrong, Rubén J. Carbajal and Simon Longnight. All three participated in Tuesday’s Tonight Show kickoff, singing (fittingly) “The Story of Tonight.”

Of course, Fallon couldn’t help but make some adjustments, changing Miranda’s lyrics to let the audience know that his NBC late night show was broadcasting live from Puerto Rico, too.

By the end, all were joined by the rest of the Hamilton cast as they danced to The Tonight Show‘s theme (composed by The Roots — who have their own ties to Hamilton, having executive produced the show’s Grammy-winning original cast recording and the beloved Hamilton Mixtape, among other collabs with Miranda).

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Fallon took The Tonight Show to the Caribbean island (and United States territory) to spotlight the work Miranda has been doing there to help raise money and awareness for those still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

“You have no idea how much it means to people that you’re here,” Miranda told Fallon. “The fact that you are here … you mean so much to people here and it really means the world that you came down and shown a spotlight on the island.”

“There are friends who say ‘good luck,’ and there are friends who say, ‘Hold on. I’m coming with you,’ ” Miranda had previously tweeted at Fallon.

More than 3,000 deaths and about $90 billion in damages have plagued Puerto Rico since the storm hit in September 2017. Miranda, whose father is from Puerto Rico, grew up visiting the locale every summer.

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Jenna Jameson Calls Bulls— on Keto Diet Doubters I’m Only Pushing My Healthy Lifestyle

Jenna Jameson Calls Bulls— on Keto Diet Doubters I’m Only Pushing My Healthy Lifestyle

Jenna Jameson is the latest star to weigh in on the keto diet controversy.

The former adult film star, 44, proudly opened up on Instagram Tuesday about her own success with the high-fat, low-carb diet and her advice for achieving noticeable results.

Her post comes in the midst of heated debate surrounding the keto diet and whether or not the plan is actually beneficial to one’s body, after celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels publicly slammed the eating plan for being unhealthy and a bad idea.

In the days following Michael’s anti-keto comments, several stars have come to the diet’s defense, including Andy Cohen, Al Roker, and Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino.

“Let’s talk intuition. I have found that people get scared into overthinking keto,” Jameson began her post, alongside a photo of herself and daughter Batel Lu before and after she started the diet.

“That if they intake too much protein, or don’t have the correct macros they will fail,” she continued. “I call bulls—. Trust your intuition and your body.”

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Since beginning the diet in March, the former adult film star has lost more than 80 lbs. Jameson first tried it as a last-ditch effort to lose the baby weight that stuck around after she gave birth to Batel in April 2017.

She also does intermittent fasting, where she condenses all her meals into a short period and fasts for the rest of the day.

Knowing what her body was capable of, Jameson advised her followers to follow the same tips she practiced in order to see results.

“Stop buying foods labeled keto and MAKE your own foods! Buy whole foods,” she explained. “Eat until satiated and implement intermittent fasting. YOU WILL LOSE. Not only will you lose, your skin will be tighter and brighter, your mind I’ll fire on all cylinders.”

“I am not pushing a product, I’m only pushing my way of thinking and my healthy lifestyle,” Jameson added before leaving one final message to her followers. “I love you 😘 ”

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Baby Giraffe from San Diego Zoo Euthanized After the 5-Month-Old Was Gored by Another Animal

Baby Giraffe from San Diego Zoo Euthanized After the 5-Month-Old Was Gored by Another Animal

A five-month-old giraffe from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was euthanized at the end of last month, after suffering a gruesome stomach injury likely inflicted by an antelope.

On the morning of Dec. 29, zookeepers discovered Kumi the giraffe in his East Africa field habitat with a gore wound to his belly, the San Diego Zoo explained in a statement on their Facebook.

Officials at the zoo believe that Kumi was injured by an antelope living in same quarters, as many species who would naturally live together in the wild often co-exist in their Safari Park habitats. Living in close quarters can sometimes lead to inter-species encounters, the zoo said.

Because of the severity of Kumi’s injury, a team of veterinarians made the difficult decision to put the baby giraffe down.

Speaking to the San Diego Union-Tribune following the incident, zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons explained that although they knew Kumi’s wound was consistent with being gored by an antelope, they were unable to confirm any specific details.

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Simmons explained that nobody witnessed the “rare incident,” and while giraffe mothers often protect their young, the location of Kumi’s mother and the other giraffes was unknown at the time.

She also noted that giraffes and antelopes typically get along in the wild, helping and communicating with each other in the case of threats or external attacks.

Because of this, the animals were living together in the zoo’s habitat, mimicking a regulated wildlife environment — but Simmons said they were careful about how much they interfered with the experience.

“In natural habitats, animals are faced with stress. They’re eaten by predators, they run into challenges. We protect them a great deal in human-managed environments,” she told the local newspaper. “But we do recognize that when you’re working toward conserving a species, you have to provide them with some of the same kinds of things they would normally experience in their natural habitat.”

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“It’s a balan

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