The Challenge Final Reckoning Shocker What the Winner Has to Say About That Final Decision

The Challenge Final Reckoning Shocker What the Winner Has to Say About That Final Decision

Spoiler warning! For those who haven’t seen Tuesday’s finale of Final Reckoning, this season’s final results will be revealed below.

The finale of Final Reckoning — the latest season of MTV’s long-running competition show The Challenge — was the best kind of déjà vu for fans.

As soon as host TJ Lavin revealed that the winner of this season would once again decide whether to keep all the money at the end or share it with their partner, images of iconic villain Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio choosing to “take the money and run” instead of splitting it with partner Sarah Rice immediately popped up on the screen.

And just like last time, the winner decided to keep the pot.

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After entering the season late as Mercenaries, Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield fought every possible moment while still making their way to the grueling final Challenge against three other teams. But only one of them could come out on top, and Mitchell and Barfield were crowned the champions — with Mitchell besting Barfield’s individual time.

In a moment that felt like the final battle of an endless war, Mitchell chose to take the money, citing the way Barfield had treated her throughout the season as proof that he didn’t deserve his split of the cash.

PEOPLE caught up with Mitchell about the big decision and why she felt like she had to prove to Barfield — and the other men in the show — just how powerful women can be.

What was your first gut reaction hearing TJ say the winner would get the chance to split or keep the money again?

Mitchell: First, I’m gonna be honest with you — I’m a psychic, okay? Before season 29 , I knew that we were gonna be living outside, and I was. This season before I got there, I knew it was gonna be in Africa and I knew it was gonna be a million dollars. I told all my friends, “I’m gonna win a million dollars, watch.” I didn’t know how much money it was, I did not know that was an opportunity. So when TJ said that, honestly my heart dropped into my butt because I was like, “This is my dream coming true right now.” I was flabbergasted and was like, “This final is for me to win.”


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Man Killed After Concrete Thrown From Highway Overpass Smashes Through His Cars Windshield

Man Killed After Concrete Thrown From Highway Overpass Smashes Through His Cars Windshield

A Nashville man tragically lost his life when a chunk of concrete struck the windshield of his car.

At around 4:54 a.m. Tuesday morning, 54-year-old Joe C. Shelton Jr. was on his way to work at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, when the massive object came flying through his window, hitting him in the face, the Metro Nashville Police Department said in a news release.

Shortly after, Shelton’s vehicle rammed into a Toyota pickup truck and a guardrail before coming to a stop on I-24’s Silliman Evans Bridge— located in downtown Nashville, according to the Metro Nashville PD. The other drivers were not injured, but Shelton was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has since determined the concrete was not a part of the bridge, “but more closely resembled a roadway curb,” the Metro Nashville PD said in the release.

Following the inspection, authorities now believe the chunk of concrete was intentionally thrown from the Shelby Avenue Bridge and are looking for any possible suspects as the crash is now considered homicide.

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“MNPD investigation today’s 4:54 a.m. death of Joe C. Shelton Jr., 54, on I-24 east near downtown after this chunk of concrete, likely thrown from the Shelby Av Bridge, went thru his windshield. Know who may have done this?” the Metro Nashville PD wrote on Twitter along with photographs of the accident.

Police also revealed they will be reviewing surveillance cameras nearby in hopes of identifying the individual who may have thrown the concrete.

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Nissan Group of North America opened up about Shelton’s death in a statement obtained by News Channel 9.

“We are saddened to learn of Joe’s passing. Our deepest sympathies are with his family members, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.”

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Joey King Says Fellow Passenger on Flight Thought She Had Cancer Believed He Could Catch It

Joey King Says Fellow Passenger on Flight Thought She Had Cancer Believed He Could Catch It

Joey King is speaking up after an unusual and insulting experience with a fellow airline passenger.

The 19-year-old Kissing Booth actress boarded a plane over the weekend, when she sat next to a male passenger who she claims was clearly uncomfortable with her recently-shaved head.

“Y’all I’m on a plane & this man next to me literally turned to me with his phone in my face & took a photo of me as if I wouldn’t notice & texted his wife that he’s sitting next to a girl who has cancer (just cuz I’m bald) & that hes scared to ‘catch it’…Y R PPL STUPID SUMTIMES,” she tweeted on Sunday.

Just minutes later, after King was able to catch a glimpse of his message, she clarified in a separate tweet what the man had sent to his wife.

“I read his text over his shoulder it said ‘some bald chick next to me with Fckn cancer coughed and I don’t wanna catch it’… ya jokin?” she wrote.

Many of her fans were taken aback at the man’s comment, claiming that his opinions were “disrespectful,” “ignorant,” and rude. “Seriously ridiculous,” one fan wrote back to King. “Thankfully you don’t but ppl really are insensitive sometimes.”

Several cancer patients even responded to the tweet and argued that the man needed to realize they were “real people who are trying to get through life and survive.”

The American Cancer Society has previously confirmed that a healthy person cannot “catch” cancer from someone else who is ill. “There is no evidence that close contact or things like sex, kissing, touching, sharing meals, or breathing the same air can spread cancer from one person to another,” their website reads.

seriously ridiculous… thankfully you don't but ppl really are insensitive sometimes

— brelynn (@_Brelynn_) November 18, 2018

I am a cancer patient and this man is ignorant about the disease. It's no fun, it's scary. But I am confident in my bald head. Hair is over rated anyway. I wish I could have 5 minutes with him. He would see that WE are real people who are trying to get through life and survive.

— Shannon (@Jer2911Sj) November 19, 2018

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Savannah Guthrie Claps Back at Today Show Viewer Who Blamed Producers for Her Fugly Dress

Savannah Guthrie Claps Back at Today Show Viewer Who Blamed Producers for Her Fugly Dress

After one fan expressed distaste over Savannah Guthrie‘s wardrobe, the Today show co-host hit back and defended her sartorial choice.

On Tuesday’s show, Guthrie, 46, opted for a rose-colored long sleeve dress by Derek Lam, which a viewer described as “fugly” on Twitter. “@SavannahGuthrie Don’t the producers @TODAYshow have any wardrobe standards? It’s one thing that you often wear odd choices, but today’s dress wins the prize for #FUGLY. #WhatWereYouThinking?” the critic’s since-deleted tweet said.

Guthrie soon responded, writing: “I dress myself! Don’t blame the producers!”

Actress Mindy Kaling supported Guthrie and commented, “I love your outfits! Literally wish there was a website to find out what everything is.” Guthrie thanked Kaling, writing, “You’re the cutest ever. Let’s share a closet.”

And figure skater Adam Rippon applauded Guthrie’s response, commenting: “Omg. I love you so much.”

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I love your outfits. Literally wish there was a website to find out what everything is!

— Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) November 20, 2018

Omg. I love you so much.

— Adam Rippon (@Adaripp) November 20, 2018

In another tweet, the mother of two also laughed off other negative comments about her dress. “Twitter in a nutshell,” Guthrie wrote along with a laughing emoji.

This is not the first time Guthrie has clapped back at viewers and fans.

In May, the longtime NBC anchor jokingly said she was ready for a wardrobe change after some viewers thought she looked pregnant on camera.

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Guthrie clarified matters after receiving tweets and comments congratulating her for having a baby on the way. “It is just the dress. Excuse me while I go burn it,” Guthrie tweeted.

But the journalist revealed she wasn’t offended because the comments were so kind.

“They mean well,” Guthrie said during the Today show the next day. “We have the best viewers, they’re so nice, and t

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