Girl 9 Dies a Week After the Bounce House She Was Playing in Was Blown Into Power Lines

Girl 9 Dies a Week After the Bounce House She Was Playing in Was Blown Into Power Lines

A 9-year-old girl died Friday after a tragic bounce house accident last weekend.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hammond and two other children were playing in a bounce house in Reno, Nevada last Sunday when the bounce house was lifted about 10 feet into the air by the wind, getting caught in neighborhood power lines, according to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, the Associated Press reported Friday.

Hammond was seriously injured and rushed to hospital in a critical condition. The other two children with her only received minor injuries, AP reported.

The Sheriff’s Office spokesman told the outlet that an investigation into the accident is still ongoing. The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Although she was young, her family described in a statement Friday a girl who loved to give back to her community, and regularly “enjoyed feeding the homeless, shopping with the Sheriff, building care packages for local soldiers deployed overseas and providing school supplies to less-fortunate children in the area.”

“Our precious Lizzy was a beautiful, intelligent, silly, vibrant little girl who was full of life,” the statement said, per local ABC station KOLO8. “She was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, teammate and beloved friend.”

“Lizzy was a confirmed Catholic and an active member of her church, St. Alberts,” the family’s statement said, adding that she “loved all first responders” and was “extremely patriotic and wholeheartedly supported the U.S. military, as well as her local police, sheriff, and fire departments.”

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Man Jumps on Planes Wing and Attempts to Enter the Cabin as Aircraft Prepares for Takeoff

Man Jumps on Planes Wing and Attempts to Enter the Cabin as Aircraft Prepares for Takeoff

Chaos erupted on a plane this week after a man climbed onto the aircraft’s wing as it was preparing for takeoff and attempted to enter the cabin.

The unusual incident involving an Azman aircraft happened on Friday morning in the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, according to a statement from the airline company.

As the plane was waiting for clearance from air traffic controllers to takeoff, the Pilot in Command spotted an unidentified man on the tarmac, who began climbing toward the wing of the aircraft.

Video footage of the dramatic incident, taken by a passenger inside of the airplane, shows the man climbing from the jet engine to the wing. He then starts walking toward the plane’s cabin, but eventually goes out of the camera’s frame.

General Public should please take Note.

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— AzmanAir – #LetsFlyAzmanAir (@AzmanAir) July 19, 2019

The rest of the passengers can be heard yelling as they rose from their seats in a panic and crowded near the windows to witness the sight for themselves.

After radioing the tower to inform them of the man, the pilots shut the plane’s engine down while officials rushed to the scene.

Airport security then arrested the man, according to the airline. Though he has not yet been publicly identified, he currently remains in custody while authorities continue to investigate the unusual incident.

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As for the rest of the passengers, the airline said they were “taxied back to the gate” and forced to disembark from the plane, though it did not delay their travels.

“The aircraft and luggage were thoroughly scrutinized,” the company explained, before determining that it was safe to fly to Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. “All passengers were re-boarded and the flight operated as scheduled.”

At this time, it remains unclear how the man was able to gain access to the tarmac.


FAAN Suspends AVSEC Personnel..

— AzmanAir – #Le

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Boy Loses Hand After Neighbors Allegedly Tossed Homemade Lit Firework at Him on His 10th Birthday

Boy Loses Hand After Neighbors Allegedly Tossed Homemade Lit Firework at Him on His 10th Birthday

A little boy’s life has been forever changed after his neighbors allegedly tossed a lit firework at him on his 10th birthday, causing him to lose his left hand.

Aaron Carreto is now left feeling betrayed and traumatized after the July 6 incident, which has kept him in the hospital for weeks as he recovers from the burns, injuries, and many surgeries he has endured, according to the GoFundMe set up on his behalf.

“This incident changed his life, way of living but not his spirits,” Aaron’s sister Adriana wrote on the fundraiser. “With his new disability, he’ll find it difficult to adjust to his day to day lifestyle. He suffers trauma as well as burns and injuries.”

“He tells his family how he feels betrayed by those people around us and wants to start a new life far away from where he grew up,” she added.

The incident occurred in Compton, California late Saturday morning while Aaron was playing outside on his 10th birthday, according to Adriana.

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“Around 11 am., my baby brother Aaron was playing outside of our apartment complex when two older men (our neighbors) approached him with both an illegal and homemade firework,” she claimed. “One of the men tossed it to Aaron unexpectedly knowing how dangerous the situation was going to end.”

Because the homemade firework was lit, Aaron barely had any time to react before it began to spark and explode, his sister said.

“Eventually, Aaron lost all his fingers from his left hand,” she shared, adding that Aaron was also left with burns on his stomach and face from the firework’s proximity.

The 10-year-old was rushed to Long Beach Memorial Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. He later had two more surgeries before being transferred to UCI Medical Center in Orange.

“He is currently recovering from four surgeries he’s had so far (with two more in the near future),” Adriana said. “He lost his left hand completely.”

According to his family, as Aaron focuses on healing, both physically and emotionally, local police have arrested one of the neighbors, KTLA reports. The second person still currently remains under investigation by aut

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